Exonerate the other 49000+ Click on petition image to download
Exonerate the other 49000+ Click on petition image to download
0001nkLGBT-pledge-card-twitterB_P6Hz3W8AA6-feDomestic abuse in the LGBT community is a drastically under-reported, under-studied and under-addressed issue.

LGBT Domestic Abuse Early Day Motion Campaign
Please lobby your MP to sign EDM 653.

In some parts of our community, abuse is at least as high, if not higher, than for heterosexual women, but all too often the specific needs of LGBT survivors are not addressed by the Government.

We feel that – as part of a Governmental drive to improve service for provision for all survivors of domestic abuse, including women – the Government should do more to highlight and address the problem of domestic abuse both against, and within, the LGBT community.

Amongst other things, ring-fenced funding should be committed to provide refuges for lesbian women, gay men and transgender people – as they have already done with respect to heterosexual women’s refuges -; and the police and local Government should be more mindful of the community’s specific needs.

To help raise the profile of this issue, we’re asking that you lobby your MP to sign EDM 653 calling on the Government to commit to these, and other, measures.

Lobby your MP to Sign EDM 653

Stonewall Housing and a cross-party group of MPs have tabled EDM 653 highlighting the issue of domestic abuse in the LGBT community.

Please help raise the profile of the issue by lobbying your MP to sign it. A draft letter is available elsewhere on our website, or you can download a Word copy.